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It's a great time to take on relapsing MS. Watch this short video to find out why.

Welcome to Tecfidera—an oral treatment for relapsing multiple sclerosis

With Tecfidera, now is a good time to take on relapsing MS. That's because Tecfidera is an oral MS medication that defends against relapsing MS in many different ways, like reducing relapses, delaying progression of physical disability, and slowing the development of brain lesions. The safety and side effects of Tecfidera were documented in clinical studies. Learn more about Tecfidera and how Biogen Idec, the company behind Tecfidera, provides best-in-class services to help you manage your MS.

Send me a Tecfidera information kit

Send me a Tecfidera
information kit

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Learn about the $0 Co-pay Program

Learn about the
$0 Copay Program
from Biogen Idec

With the $0 Copay Program from Biogen Idec, you pay $0 a month for your treatment. Get details here

When MS symptoms appear or become worse. Also called a flare-up, attack, or exacerbation