Tools for your TECFIDERA journey

Stay on track and keep an eye on your progress

Making the most of your treatment is an important goal as you continue on your journey with Tecfidera® (dimethyl fumarate). We have developed a couple of tools that could help! Take a look below.

With TecTrack™ you can:

  • Get reminders to take your TECFIDERA® and get your bloodwork done
  • Log each TECFIDERA dose you take
  • Customize your alarms
  • Track common side effects (if you experience any)
  • Create a summary of your in-app activity and share it with your care teams
  • Get personal stories from others living with relapsing MS
  • Easily access information about TECFIDERA

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Questions for your healthcare provider

To make sure your treatment journey is going as planned, you should keep an open and honest dialogue with your healthcare provider. This handy guide can get you started. It offers questions to help you make the most of your next appointment, as well as review topics to help you stay on track.