Amy, Jill, and Henry on care partners

Three parents offer different perspectives on what support means and how they find it among friends and family members.

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Saying yes to Possibilities

Amy, Jill, and Henry On Care Partners
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Amy, Jill, and Henry are paid spokespeople for Biogen and have experience taking Tecfidera® (dimethyl fumarate). They may or may not be currently on TECFIDERA.

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Jill K.

Jill: So, having a care partner, I think, is extremely important. Your care partner doesn’t just have to be your spouse. It could be your sibling, or a parent, or your children I guess. Like my care partners are also my kids. Yet, it’s important to me that they don’t feel that they have to totally take care of me. At the same time that’s a fine line, I’m still the parent and that’s my job. But, just knowing that they’re all chipping in and barbecuing and doing whatever, and I’m watching my family be a family. And it’s a wonderful thing and I know in their hearts they’re taking care of me, but we don’t even have to say it.

Henry: Yup.

Amy: And my care partner is completely, 100% my husband.

Amy T.
Amy: I still work full time, and so he is very good about, you know…I’ll come, supper is cooked and on the table, the dishes are done, the clothes are done. Just because he knows that, you know, work takes 100% out of me and that in the evenings I’m going to be tired.

Henry T.

Henry: Your husband is your care partner, and your friends, and your kids are your care partners. It’s—for me it’s really…

Jill: And my husband.

Henry: …and your husband. But, it has expanded out for me as well, you know, like I said I have 5 brothers and sisters and we do the MS walk. And everybody joins the team. And it makes you feel like you’re an extra special member of the family now, you know?

Jill: It empowers you.

Henry: Yeah.

Jill: Everybody has their moments they’re not feeling good. Whether it’s a bad hair day, or somebody at work annoyed you. But sometimes you just need your caretakers to empower you, to lift you back up.

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