Amy, Jill, and Henry say yes to supportive relationships

Amy, Jill, and Henry talk about how relapsing MS has shaped the relationships with their spouses and children. Watch the video to learn about their experiences.

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Saying yes to Possibilities

Amy, Jill, and Henry are paid spokespeople for Biogen and have experience taking Tecfidera® (dimethyl fumarate). They may or may not be currently on TECFIDERA.

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Jill: Things change us and, you know, having relapsing MS has actually brought me and my husband closer…

Jill K.

Jill: …and I think yes, as much as we don’t want to sound like were complaining, sometimes you actually just need that support, and then you kind of forget that you’re not feeling so great–because somebody made you feel better about yourself for that moment.

Amy T.

Amy: I see that communication with my husband as well.
It’s…I’ve had a hard time finding a balance of telling him about what’s going on with my MS, without sounding like I’m complaining all the time. And, so it was actually harder for him I think to learn to just let me vent, and that doesn’t mean I needed him to fix anything. I just needed him to listen.
Henry: Having MS doesn’t pass.

Henry P.

Henry: You can’t really internalize it, so I had to learn how to be more open and actually talk with my wife about the issues that I’m feeling and so forth. And it’s actually, you think being married for 27 years, there’s not much relationship building has to happen after that, but there is. It’s still building and it’s actually gotten really nice and a lot better.

How has MS Affected Your Family?

Jill: My youngest daughter is in college right now and she’d like to do physical therapy. My son has a huge, huge heart and very compassionate. It has affected them, but in kind of a crazy way, I think it has been positive for them.

Henry: Both my kids were older when I got diagnosed. So, I could tell that they were scared. I was this big, strong guy that nothing bothered me, so when I was telling them that was the first time they saw me get emotional, you know. And, excuse me…

Jill K.: It’s alright.

Henry: That’s hard to talk about, but they see all the positive things I do for myself and it’s a very strong relationship with my kids now.

Jill: That’s because you raised them good.

Henry: Yeah.

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