Financial & insurance information

Get financial & insurance support for your relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment

Above MS Support Coordinators can help you understand your insurance coverage and try to identify the best financial assistance solution for you. Our goal is for no one to forgo treatment based solely on financial limitations.

Financial and insurance services include:

  • Benefits investigation to clarify your coverage options
  • Insurance counseling including help navigating changes due to the healthcare reform law
  • $0 Copay Program with no income requirements and no enrollment time limit for those who are eligible.* Call 1-800-456-2255 to see if you’re eligible
  • Free drug program for eligible patients in need 
  • Support finding assistance through charitable organizations

To learn more about the financial services offered, call one of our Support Coordinators at 1-800-456-2255, Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 8 PM ET. Support is available in Spanish.

*Depending on your income or, in some cases, if your medication is obtained from an out-of-network provider, there may be an annual cap that limits the amount of assistance that you can receive over one year. Federal and state laws and other factors may prevent or otherwise restrict eligibility. People covered by Medicare, Medicaid, the VA/DoD, or any other federal plans are not eligible to enroll. You are eligible to enroll in the $0 Copay Program for as long as you are treated with a Biogen relapsing MS medication.