What you could expect when starting Tecfidera® (dimethyl fumarate), the twice-daily pill for relapsing MS

To get started with TECFIDERA, you need one blood draw before you can begin treatment.

  • During your first week, you’ll take the starter dose (120 mg) as one pill twice a day
  • After your first week you’ll take the regular dose (240 mg) as one pill twice a day

TECFIDERA can be taken with or without food. Taking TECFIDERA exactly as prescribed by your healthcare provider gives you the best chance of getting its full benefits.

If you take too much TECFIDERA, call your healthcare provider or go to the nearest hospital emergency room right away. 

Tecfidera Dosage Options Tecfidera Dosage Options
Starter dose
(Days 1 to 7)

one pill twice a day your first week

Regular dose
(After day 7)

one pill twice a day after first week


It’s important to take TECFIDERA exactly as prescribed and to
make sure it’s being stored properly.

Taking and storing

Be sure not to crush, chew, or sprinkle TECFIDERA on food. Swallow it whole and intact.

Taking and storing

Protect TECFIDERA from light. You can store it in the original bottle or a light-proof pill case at 59° to 86°F.

Tips for staying on track

Sticking to a regular schedule may help you remember to take it twice a day.

Taking and storing

If you take one pill with breakfast and one pill with dinner, it could help you remember to take TECFIDERA twice a day.

Keeping up with your blood tests

As part of your treatment with this relapsing MS oral medication, your healthcare provider will keep a close eye on your lymphocyte count and liver function. Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell. Your healthcare provider will do blood tests to check your white blood cell count as follows:

  • Before you start treatment
  • Six months after you start treatment
  • Six to 12 months thereafter and as needed

If your lymphocytes fall below a certain level for more than 6 months, your healthcare provider may talk to you about interrupting your treatment.

To check your liver function your healthcare provider will do blood tests as follows:

  • Before you start treatment
  • As needed during treatment

Ask your healthcare provider when you should come in for your next blood test.

How does your TECFIDERA arrive?

TECFIDERA is not available at your local pharmacy or standard mail order service, but you don’t have to go out of your way to get it. Your healthcare provider's office and your insurance company will work together to order it from a specialty pharmacy. This type of pharmacy carries medicines that need special handling or storage. Once an order is placed on your behalf, it is shipped directly to you.

Make sure you get brand-name TECFIDERA

If your healthcare provider prescribes brand-name TECFIDERA, it’s for a reason. We have a list of tips you can follow to make sure you’re managing your brand-name TECFIDERA.

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