How Katie turned no into yes

Katie had always been supermom and superwife. She was used to always being in control. After her diagnosis, things changed. Watch the video to find out what she discovered after finally saying yes to asking for help. 

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Krystal: I said no to stepping outside my comfort zone.

Paul: I said no to doing what I love.

Katie: I said no to asking for help.

Everyone: And then I said yes.


And then I said yes

How Katie turned her no into yes

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Katie: So, I used to be super mom and, um, I was the scheduler, I was the mom taxi, I worked full time. And when I was diagnosed with MS, (…) that all changed. And, um, I had to realize that I needed to ask for help.

Katie R., living with relapsing MS

And to me, subconsciously it meant that I'm losing control, (…) of my life and the family's life. And that really bothered me. When I finally said yes, I got a lot of family involvement to help with chores and cooking. (…) And it actually helped me relax and not stress so much.

Katie: I definitely have changed because I've had MS. (…) try to not what if things. And the bottom line with that is that it makes me feel much more comfortable with myself and my body.

I definitely realized that I was overworked before. And this has really helped me transition to really listening to my body and taking time for me.

Katie is a paid spokesperson for Biogen and has experience taking Tecfidera® (dimethyl fumarate). She may or may not be currently on TECFIDERA. 

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