Saying yes together

Amy T.

Amy is from Biloxi, MS, and she is very thankful for her husband’s support, and her son’s understanding of her new life with the disease.

At the beginning, my relationship with my husband was like any other—we were newly married and so excited to be parents. But after I was diagnosed, I often felt more like a patient than a wife, which was hard. I soon learned that saying yes to some small changes in our routine was the best way I could continue to be a good mom and wife. It took us time to adapt. Something that really helped was my husband’s compassion and support. 

One of the new additions to our routine is to meet every Sunday to discuss our weekly schedule. It’s then we decide who’s taking care of which house chores, and who will attend our son's activities. The way I feel changes every week, so it's helpful to map it out. 

Prepping for the week is particularly important to me, because it helps us stay on top of our son’s needs. My son is very aware of my limitations and how his dad and I try to work around them. He knows that his parents have a system. So he can count on always having someone there to cheer him on. For example, relapsing MS has made me sensitive to heat. So, in the hot Mississippi summer, my husband cheers on my son during his football games. And I cheer on my son during his basketball games, which are indoors!

My husband takes on so many different roles when he needs to. Whether it’s making dinner, coming with me to my appointments, researching about MS and the treatment options available, or helping my son with his homework. 

We're 100% in this together, and I'm grateful that he is so aware of how I'm feeling. He can practically read my mind and knows how to help. Living with relapsing MS is challenging, but I’ve found it very helpful to communicate my needs, and ask for help. I’ve come to realize that people want to help me—especially my loved ones—but it's up to me to say yes to the help they’re offering.

Amy T. is a paid spokesperson for Biogen and has experience taking Tecfidera® (dimethyl fumarate). She may or may not be currently on TECFIDERA.

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